Sunday, December 25, 2011

This Morning

Woke up to complete darkness, silence for the stampede of thoughts. Complete want and wish. Completely without you, yet fixed on your presence.

Good Morning

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Nail Saga: Love Lacquer

Its been a long time. But I have Great news! I have found my nail method of choice. 

The Pros

Beautiful colors
Long lasting manicure
Easy application
No- Dry time
Easy removal (Acetone Soak off or Peel) 
Finished Product: HIGH SHINE

The Cons

I will let you know(LOL).

So what is it? Its called Gelish by Nail Harmony, yes, I am late. Nonetheless, I love this product. I tried this product first, at the nail salon. Originally asking to try Shellac, the Nail Tech suggested Gelish. I chose a Gold Glitter color called Bronzed. I loved it.. My gel manicure lasted 2 weeks. No dry time, no chipping, no smudging, NO WORRIES!
 Oh the possibilities. 

I watched closely, I had to try it on my own. So I made a trip and purchased everything I needed. You will need a UV Light. This allows for No dry time. I was so thrilled and excited. I still love my regular polishes though. But I'm so ready to try new things with my Gelish products. More updates to come, but for now, a few pics..

Beautiful, vibrant Red Orange
Minty Green

So excited, Loving this :D
Check this product line out, you may want to ask for Gelish by Nail Harmony at your next nail salon visit. Until next time. 
Be beautiful inside and out.