Thursday, July 28, 2011

meet yourself...

Tests and tribulations.
Tsunami of feelings. Exalted tempers.
 Insecurities and rash action. 
Control issues and harsh words. 
Lies and mendacity all overshadowing the important fight we all have before us. 
Pressure can bring the best and worst out of people.
No lie.

Friday, July 22, 2011

I Found My New Nail Shop

OOolloo People!
Was on my hunt for the best Nail salon. From El Cerrito to San Leandro. Well equipped with Yelp, I believe I have found my salon. Great service. Friendly talented people. SimplyWonderful. A Family salon, "Mom" and 2 Daughters. 
Salon takes care of Hair and Nails. Hair cut starting at $8. A few guys popped up for a quick cut. Which I thought was cool. "Mom" finished nails and did a nice job on his hair. They also do designs. They will at least attempt any design you throw at them. So I am definitely excited about this place. Not only good but willing to try new things!! Gotta love it.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Nail Update

Ive found a few more colors, various brands.
First group up, Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure, 410 Lavendar Cloud
Its like the cleanest purple ever. Almost white..I liked this so much I reapplied after a week.
Also, again 510 I Pink I Can. This is the girlliest princess pink. I love this Pink!!

New OPI! Came across this saucy color at a beauty supply. Part of the OPI  Texas Collection, its called Dont Mess With OPI. This color is dope. NO argument hands down. It looks amazing on your nails.

Crazed Crackle.. I am in no way knocking my precious OPI. But China Glaze has come out with its own Crackle supply. Its pretty good. Great for the price, and it works. So I definitely recommend buying China Glaze Crackle Glaze (less expensive foe same product). I tried 918 Crushed Candy and 980 Black Mesh.

Last but not Least# Useful
While at CVS, stumbled across Orly Bonder. Its a rubberized basecoat. I have to admit I was skeptical, but it works. Maybe extending polish life 3 days past normal time (before cracking). So definitely worth a try. I found it on CLEARANCE RACK! Whoooo hoooo. so even better right??... Just sayn.

Anyways I realize I am late. But maybe this is still useful..either way... be colorful people!

Nice to see you again..

Hello people!
I am back from beyond belief.
Learned a few things. Reaffirmed that I have much to learn.
I am willing to learn!
I am grateful for life and loved ones. Friends and family. Convos and peace.
Happy for rainy days to remind me of why ill always LOVE summer.
Sunny days are a matter of perception#lesson