Thursday, September 23, 2010

a Different time..

 A few days ago my uncle drops by our house. Bumps around our kitchen, while getting filled in on the latest and greatest of info. It was funny seeing my mother and uncle going back and forth. I just sat  watching them take shots at each other. Telling repressed and/or exaggerated stories about their childhood, family, and friends of family. It made me wonder how they really were as children (5 kids all together, 3 girls and two boys). According to stories (still being disputed/debated) my mother was the ring leader of all things brave. A fearless tomboy, with my uncle (George) as her side-kick in adventure. My mother still claims that she was the "Good Child." Honestly, I don't know what to make of it. But we can speculate...
My uncle brought along a photo album that he was working on. He wasnt finished, but I am glad he shared it early. My grandfather and his brothers are in the picture. Smiling and looking sharp. It made me appreciate a man in a suit. I wish more men would embrace a good suit. Gentlemen, Its Ok To Wear A Suit! Its ok to dress up!
 I want to visit a time where wearing a suit everyday was the norm and standard. Well dressed was mandatory, sharp was a must. Sorry I missed that era.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The thought of Stinson

Family and friends went to Stinson Beach. Everybody but Bre went, I wish she would have come. It was so beautiful, I definitely will be going back.  We have to through snaky roads but it was worth it. Lots of people.
 My eyes were puffy. I had just woke up, and I was freezing. Dramatically grateful that I had brought "warm clothes." We just kicked back and People Watched on Camille's big sheet. Eating fruit and chips. Parents right next to us in their lawn chairs, soaking up the sun, while passing light judgment on all the bikinis strutting around. No intention on getting in the water, but it looked fun.
At first I was upset with myself for leaving my precious iPod in the car. But I started really listening to the ocean and the sounds that came with it. It turned out to be very relaxing. Just what I needed. Let go of the past week. Melt away the drama. I am still learning to let people be who they are. Not all people are good people. You cannot expect people to be anything but what they are. Its not my fault or place to try and understand.

No expectation, is to know expectation, Ironic statement.
You cannot control what others do, be in control of what you do. -E.S.