Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yumm Session: Dan Auerbach _ The Black Keys

I love the sound of these two men combined. But the vocals Dan Auerbach are so awesome. My two sisters got me into them. First I thought my older sister was listening to scavanged songs from Jimi Hendrix. I was soooo wrong, and Im so glad. I love The Black Keys. Patrick Carney kills it on the drums too.

They also did a project with other artists including Mos Def.. who will definitely have their own Yumm Session. The name of that project is Blakroc..This music makes me smile hard..Feel good, sunny day music.. raw

I love this video and song, Tighten up...


Nails... Blast from the Past

 Dark purple (O.P.I.) with Gold Rings

 Red-Orange, white tips with Black Stripes 
(Manicurist was mad at 1st, then she wanted to use my idea) 

 Glitter tips - Navy and Gold

 Hot Pink, Mustard Yellow, Teal, Purple, and Black stripes

Minx - Tiger print

Teal and white

Neon  Lemon Lime?

Orange with Black stripes...Purple tips..
Rhinestones (hate that word)

 Mustard Yellow and White (black nonsense)

Purple with Gold, Silver, and Black tips

Monday, November 22, 2010

It would only be Proper.....

I have a clear and undisputable (singing Aloud) Nail Obsesssion!.
Not ashamed.
I love getting my nails done. 
So this is officially Part One of my "Nail Diary" (may not stick to that name).
I hope you enjoy.

Part ONE

When tastefully done, GOLD is wonderful. My personal favorite of the metallic crew. This was done with 2 types of gold sparkles. The Manicurist thought I was a total pain, but alas I WANT WHAT I WANT. I was going for the full look.. I did Not want the sparkles looking sparse. So I requested many coats of polish, which was great in the long run. The sparkles will gradually come off...All in all, loved it..I will be doing it again. But there are so many other designs to try...Oh me! I will be trying many more designs. Some will be using Konad Nail Designs..

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nail Update

Here are some more designs I have tried.
Becky, Abbey, and Moi..

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hot November Days???

Pleasant at 6am. 
Nice all day. 
Hot around 4pm. 
Its November, the weather is wonderful and Ill take it. 
Earthquake weather? 
Maybe so. But alas, sun dresses and sandals. 
Wishing for my curls, and a flowing white cotton shirt.
I should be wanting a warm soothing bowl of soup, but Im craving fruit salad!
The sun is setting and its still Nice outside.
Lovely sunset, pink, orange and purple dancing and flauting themselves amongst each other. 
Beautiful struggle. 
Im off to level lives. 
piece peace

Konad Nail Design

Stopped by Ranch 99 in El Cerrito, Ca. Inside we almost passed up a little spot called Get Dolled Up. This boutique was a host for brands like O.P.I., N.Y.C., and others. I was directed to a wonderful find.

Konad Nail Designs and inside the kit:
2 nail polishes (black and white)
3 image plates
1 stamp
1 scraper

I had a brief demo of the product and was immediately hooked. My partners in crime knew that I would be interested. I was beyond interested. From that point on, I considered my Konad purchase to be an "investment." =) Consider it purchased. Came home, tried it immediately...
This is my official farewell to nail shop designs. The ride has been fun, bumpy and exciting! Im posting pix of my first Konad round...

Konad Nail Art 
Get Dolled Up

Monday, November 1, 2010


round about and sideways
crazy conversations, huge expectations (first mistake).
you just a little special upstairs, aren't you?
everything going well, seemingly
the spotlight is on you, the results are in....
and you not that Dope!