Thursday, November 25, 2010

Nails... Blast from the Past

 Dark purple (O.P.I.) with Gold Rings

 Red-Orange, white tips with Black Stripes 
(Manicurist was mad at 1st, then she wanted to use my idea) 

 Glitter tips - Navy and Gold

 Hot Pink, Mustard Yellow, Teal, Purple, and Black stripes

Minx - Tiger print

Teal and white

Neon  Lemon Lime?

Orange with Black stripes...Purple tips..
Rhinestones (hate that word)

 Mustard Yellow and White (black nonsense)

Purple with Gold, Silver, and Black tips


Abbie said...

Lol, I"m lovin the last pic of the purple...

Age.Beige said...

why thank u.. i did too.

Sew Inspired said...

OMG. I didnt know they still pierced nails!! Thats a blast from the past.