Monday, November 22, 2010

It would only be Proper.....

I have a clear and undisputable (singing Aloud) Nail Obsesssion!.
Not ashamed.
I love getting my nails done. 
So this is officially Part One of my "Nail Diary" (may not stick to that name).
I hope you enjoy.

Part ONE

When tastefully done, GOLD is wonderful. My personal favorite of the metallic crew. This was done with 2 types of gold sparkles. The Manicurist thought I was a total pain, but alas I WANT WHAT I WANT. I was going for the full look.. I did Not want the sparkles looking sparse. So I requested many coats of polish, which was great in the long run. The sparkles will gradually come off...All in all, loved it..I will be doing it again. But there are so many other designs to try...Oh me! I will be trying many more designs. Some will be using Konad Nail Designs..


Abbie said...

HOT LOOK! I wish I wasn't so lazy....

Sew Inspired said...

Looks great. Has the intensity of MINX nails. Check em out:

Age.Beige said...

minx was really cool...great designs..thx ladies