Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nail Update..Konad Designs

Real quick, decided to buy another Konad plate. Here a few designs using Konad products. I mean to buy more Konad colors, then I can vary in more designs..
 Zebra, Polka Dot, and Cheetah print.

Double heart

 Be back next time!

Friday, December 24, 2010

What's My Name - Rihanna ft. Drake

I like this song and video minus the hair and stockings haha....and I just found out Drake was tall...big smile

Nail Update/ Yumm Session

 Okay I have been on a mini journey, especially with my nails. 
So Abbey and I were thinking Long glorious nails. I did this look before, but I had to give it another try. I am sure I'll be back. So I went and got extra long nails (they were actually too long). 
But I added gold rings. I really liked it. ok.. i loved it. 
One thing bothered me, the manicurist got distracted, I had a lump in 2 of my nails.  That really got to me, DEEP!!! But other than that, I enjoyed the long-round look. They were bright red-orange. Sadly, I lost 2 of the gold rings. So I took the remaining rings off and hacked the nails off myself. I couldn't walk around with huge holes in my nails....right? I chopped off the nails and painted them royal blue. No picture for that one. They were not cool haha. So finally, I visited a nail shop. 
Short and Square, like me. 
But, this leaks into the Yumm Session. I was at 2nd home, and I found this nail color by Sally Hansen- Complete Salon Manicure, 560 Kook-a-Mango. I love this color, reminds me of summer. 
I yearn for summer. 
Here are some pictures!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Night to Day

time and the peace of my night.. slipping away
yearning and wanting sleep, although it wont allow my firm grip
im wishing for the absence of thoughts
absence of stress
turn the volume in your brain down, Age
static in my mind too thick
remnants of the day running plays
calm down
Don't think
take the brain out and cool it down, on overload right now.
replaying the day? replaying the argument?
Mind suffering from shock, disbelief, and pinch of anger
mind stuck in the hardest place
nothing to soothe it but... you
need to embrace me and cool down
sit back and take care of.. me

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yumm Session: Dan Auerbach _ The Black Keys

I love the sound of these two men combined. But the vocals Dan Auerbach are so awesome. My two sisters got me into them. First I thought my older sister was listening to scavanged songs from Jimi Hendrix. I was soooo wrong, and Im so glad. I love The Black Keys. Patrick Carney kills it on the drums too.

They also did a project with other artists including Mos Def.. who will definitely have their own Yumm Session. The name of that project is Blakroc..This music makes me smile hard..Feel good, sunny day music.. raw

I love this video and song, Tighten up...


Nails... Blast from the Past

 Dark purple (O.P.I.) with Gold Rings

 Red-Orange, white tips with Black Stripes 
(Manicurist was mad at 1st, then she wanted to use my idea) 

 Glitter tips - Navy and Gold

 Hot Pink, Mustard Yellow, Teal, Purple, and Black stripes

Minx - Tiger print

Teal and white

Neon  Lemon Lime?

Orange with Black stripes...Purple tips..
Rhinestones (hate that word)

 Mustard Yellow and White (black nonsense)

Purple with Gold, Silver, and Black tips

Monday, November 22, 2010

It would only be Proper.....

I have a clear and undisputable (singing Aloud) Nail Obsesssion!.
Not ashamed.
I love getting my nails done. 
So this is officially Part One of my "Nail Diary" (may not stick to that name).
I hope you enjoy.

Part ONE

When tastefully done, GOLD is wonderful. My personal favorite of the metallic crew. This was done with 2 types of gold sparkles. The Manicurist thought I was a total pain, but alas I WANT WHAT I WANT. I was going for the full look.. I did Not want the sparkles looking sparse. So I requested many coats of polish, which was great in the long run. The sparkles will gradually come off...All in all, loved it..I will be doing it again. But there are so many other designs to try...Oh me! I will be trying many more designs. Some will be using Konad Nail Designs..

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nail Update

Here are some more designs I have tried.
Becky, Abbey, and Moi..

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hot November Days???

Pleasant at 6am. 
Nice all day. 
Hot around 4pm. 
Its November, the weather is wonderful and Ill take it. 
Earthquake weather? 
Maybe so. But alas, sun dresses and sandals. 
Wishing for my curls, and a flowing white cotton shirt.
I should be wanting a warm soothing bowl of soup, but Im craving fruit salad!
The sun is setting and its still Nice outside.
Lovely sunset, pink, orange and purple dancing and flauting themselves amongst each other. 
Beautiful struggle. 
Im off to level lives. 
piece peace

Konad Nail Design

Stopped by Ranch 99 in El Cerrito, Ca. Inside we almost passed up a little spot called Get Dolled Up. This boutique was a host for brands like O.P.I., N.Y.C., and others. I was directed to a wonderful find.

Konad Nail Designs and inside the kit:
2 nail polishes (black and white)
3 image plates
1 stamp
1 scraper

I had a brief demo of the product and was immediately hooked. My partners in crime knew that I would be interested. I was beyond interested. From that point on, I considered my Konad purchase to be an "investment." =) Consider it purchased. Came home, tried it immediately...
This is my official farewell to nail shop designs. The ride has been fun, bumpy and exciting! Im posting pix of my first Konad round...

Konad Nail Art 
Get Dolled Up

Monday, November 1, 2010


round about and sideways
crazy conversations, huge expectations (first mistake).
you just a little special upstairs, aren't you?
everything going well, seemingly
the spotlight is on you, the results are in....
and you not that Dope!

Sunday, October 17, 2010


Rainy days
Cuddle up in your bed.
Forget the world in its anxious state.
Warmth of my room and my bed invites me in to embrace my cold skin.
Music, Candles and Relax
I am loving this.....
All seasons have their attractions.
Cold weather make me want to stay in and watch movies all day.
Chill mode.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

a Different time..

 A few days ago my uncle drops by our house. Bumps around our kitchen, while getting filled in on the latest and greatest of info. It was funny seeing my mother and uncle going back and forth. I just sat  watching them take shots at each other. Telling repressed and/or exaggerated stories about their childhood, family, and friends of family. It made me wonder how they really were as children (5 kids all together, 3 girls and two boys). According to stories (still being disputed/debated) my mother was the ring leader of all things brave. A fearless tomboy, with my uncle (George) as her side-kick in adventure. My mother still claims that she was the "Good Child." Honestly, I don't know what to make of it. But we can speculate...
My uncle brought along a photo album that he was working on. He wasnt finished, but I am glad he shared it early. My grandfather and his brothers are in the picture. Smiling and looking sharp. It made me appreciate a man in a suit. I wish more men would embrace a good suit. Gentlemen, Its Ok To Wear A Suit! Its ok to dress up!
 I want to visit a time where wearing a suit everyday was the norm and standard. Well dressed was mandatory, sharp was a must. Sorry I missed that era.

Monday, September 6, 2010

The thought of Stinson

Family and friends went to Stinson Beach. Everybody but Bre went, I wish she would have come. It was so beautiful, I definitely will be going back.  We have to through snaky roads but it was worth it. Lots of people.
 My eyes were puffy. I had just woke up, and I was freezing. Dramatically grateful that I had brought "warm clothes." We just kicked back and People Watched on Camille's big sheet. Eating fruit and chips. Parents right next to us in their lawn chairs, soaking up the sun, while passing light judgment on all the bikinis strutting around. No intention on getting in the water, but it looked fun.
At first I was upset with myself for leaving my precious iPod in the car. But I started really listening to the ocean and the sounds that came with it. It turned out to be very relaxing. Just what I needed. Let go of the past week. Melt away the drama. I am still learning to let people be who they are. Not all people are good people. You cannot expect people to be anything but what they are. Its not my fault or place to try and understand.

No expectation, is to know expectation, Ironic statement.
You cannot control what others do, be in control of what you do. -E.S.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Perspective. Change the way you think about things. Do not worry about things you cannot control. Focusing on my attitude towards the issue, instead of the issue itself. Never obsess. This is One of my hardest lessons. Be positive, but not naive. Words can disappear in the wind. They don't carry much weight.
I talked to my father a few weeks ago, and found out a lot. Most of the conversation was hard to hear, then it turned into a deep-seeded fear. Although all the info was not relevant for us now. I had trouble sleeping, tossed and turned. Saw my father (and family) in a totally different light. The hate I had for a certain person was unnecessary. All my feelings rushed back into me, and then finally I had a sense of relief. I didn't have to suffer with that overwhelming bitterness haunting me for the past 9 years. Big sigh..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ooo Girl

Its safe to say that I have re-discovered felt. I tried some new things, in the jewelry department.Verdict, Big and Different is good. So far, I am happy with the results. Mission, completely release my creativity. Knock down all walls and explore the possibilities. Maybe leather next?
Who knows...

Friday, June 25, 2010


Note to self.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010


I want to hop in my car and just drive.
I want to leave you and my thoughts behind. 
I want to speed. Or better yet I want to Fly away. Far far away. 
Forget you, snagged tooth moose wench. I want to fade into my black wall. 
Bang down my door and search for me. 
You will never know me. 
You probably dont want to.

Thursday, April 29, 2010


Day by day, my emotions are like the weather. Clouds and waterworks followed by a beautiful day. I should forget about you. You are my stress.. Arrrrrrggh

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April SOmething 2

Dont Assume. Find out. Be calm, when you get the answer. Always have the courage to ask.
Raining outside. The clouds have crept into the house. Moral, low. Nerves are high, and tempers flare. Tears are inevitable. Wearing my hat, refusing to catch the headache. I don't need that. Be glad when this week is over though. Then all her makeup can come off.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

April Something

Somewhat grossed out. Some people have the lowest standards. On the other hand, "You always get what you want, dont you Helen?"
I am sooo done. Do what you will.
Like James said, "Dude is exhausting!"

Its the 18th of April... One of the most beautiful days in 2010 so far. Deciding what to do..Go to my favorite place?
what to do
what to do

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Can You See IT?

sprinting blindfolded towards it
weak but struggling it
pencils in my ear, trying to stay balanced
cant see it (tears)
cant think about it (headache)
cant forget it
wont stop wondering(need answers)
want to know(fear the answer)
hoping for the best
fearing the worst
clear cut. absolute,yet gray
eager to see it
preparing for it whatever the outcome

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Royal blue - Leopard
Cookies n cream - Frozen yogurt
Lobster - Fruit salad. Salmon. Broccoli.
Jordan - Jordan. Puma. Toms. Jessica Simpson.
Basketball - Football
24 - Family Guy (most cartoons)
State Property, The 6th Man, Space Jam - One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest
Kevin Garnett and Randy Moss - Jordan


I spent my whole day in a classroom. It was beautiful outside, and I didn't get to enjoy any of it.. Love getting off early.. I hate missing my day. Just realized....

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


My second good morning. 
Yay i get to have coffee, only because I don't work today. My "weekends" are so precious to me. Its my only chance at a normal schedule. Its my best effort but I still end up a vegetable around 830. I can really function, even with a nap. I am just now recovering from Sunday.
Saturday was the beginning of Day Light Savings, so I lost a much needed hour of LIFE.
Just like that. 
So Sunday morning, starting at 3am (really 2am) I drag myself to work. 
Biggest mistake of the day was skipping my Sunday nap. In the afternoon, hit the neighborhood for a walk. Then off to dinner in Corte Madera. The Cheesecake Factory was hideously crowded. Deb, knew a girl who worked there but it didn't really help getting a table. But definitely A for Effort. Dinner is torture, my eyes are weights. My eyelids are obese and out of shape. 16 hours and counting. I start to think about work, which starts in only a few hours. My mom suggests that I leave the party and go sleep in car. That offer doesn't appeal to me. I never sleep in the car, you have to re-group and ge comfortable All Over Again. I hate that.
My family said I was sleep before dinner. I believe them now, I don't remember much about dinner, it was all a blur.. There were highlights. But all in all, Nothing.

On the other hand, Swivel LIPS!
I love u Deb and Stu, you guys are just as bad as us... Deb is worse...
These pictures are Pre-Dinner.

Monday, March 15, 2010


I was talking to a co-worker who thought my Keds were Toms shoes.  He described these Toms as clothy sort of plain shoe. He didn't seem to thrilled about then, but admits he had some. Then he whips out the iPhone and brings up the website.. I fell them...STAT. 
I ordered a pair (Olive Green), and I wish they were here, in hand, RIGHT NOW.
Potential new favorite shoes (AFTER the Space Jams, of course).
Get some.
I think the actual message behind the shoes is really noteworthy.
For every pair of shoes you buy, they give a pair to a needy child...
I like that.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

One of my many obsessions...

NAILS nails Nails nAiLs.
 Fascinated with creative nails.

All caught up. Regular updates is the goal.