Thursday, December 24, 2009

Yes, flippin

Talking to you?
Looking in my direction?
Dream come true.
The sunniest day, ever.
I need Jill Scott to describe your face.
I cant do it.
Need to expand my vocabulary just to convey what I see.
U R the ONE.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I got news! Bre is back. Tomorrow is my Friday. Today was thrilling. Im watchn Relentless with Bre and Killa. Brb haha

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Fears the worst. Anticipates the darkest outcome. Feels the plastered repairs to the heart, may not be strong enough to withhold the next heated dialogue. What to do? What to say? How to feel? Greatest efforts... to what end?
I need...


Bre comes home tomorrow. It raining and its cold. Sitting in kitchen with Killa, brown rope and purple rope. Killa commentary is hilarious. Watching the real Jungle Book. Killa asking "How can you speak English all of a sudden?"
I really dont want to work tomorrow..There that's my original thought for the day. Tired of this routine. This schedule sucks the life out of you. Turns you grey. Grey Paintbrush!!!!
Learning powerful lesson. Second guess most things. Until investigated. I wish it wasnt raining.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Take it for what its worth

Almost 2010. Almost Insane. Almost froze to death yesterday. Almost slept past 5 today. Almost ready to get out the bed. Almost got sick. Almost sure I wont get sick. Almost skipped my coffee this morning. Almost fell (everyday). Almost Insane. Almost There. Smirk. Grin. Almost Smile.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

To Africa

You are worrying your excitement away. You are being just like Neicy. You will have fun, ups and downs, hot days and/or bad days. But you will be fine. Wipes to the rescue. Be like the rain, and avoid the waves. Take plenty of pictures. Be excited..You leaving is bittersweet.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Why did I keep trying? Betrayal is really something. Effort and Understanding never reciprocated. Lesson Learned. Love n Feelings wasted.
keep it moving. "Wish i could live no fear...."
Bye pop.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day Off

I slept for 12 hrs, and it was awesome. I dont regret it at all. Time is sneaking away. December is almost here. Everything is almost here. I cant sleep too long.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pause...Lihue Diary

Hawaii Baby!

Day One

On the plane and Pops keeps having to get up for Mom. Cam is knocked out, Bre is groovin. Inquisitive and hungry children. Glad I took that hoody off. That wouldn't have been the business. Enter Galactic you and me. Explore a new approach. Im going to miss some people. I got sheemed in my sleep. This flight is approximately 4hrs. 53 mins to Honolulu...Thats all for now...

..I took a nap. And now I dont know how the flight is progressing. We are still in the air thought. So thats always good. The state of Hawaii requires you declare any fruits or vegetables or animals that accompany you. Thats interesting...

Once I had a dream until I found you. Time is impatient aand unforgiving. Second flight, just me and Cam, plus a lady who just has to have a drink. I dont appreciate her nails they look stupid. Listening to Fire Lovin - Pleasure P. Dumb name...Debit or Credit lady!! This is a 37 min. Flight, thank goodness. I took for granted my lovely checkpoint, because Honolulu TSA is wack and they look heka unhappy. It looked like jungle book scene with vulgers. Whatchu wana do??

This lady think she important. She needs attention...

Yessssssssss, we are here!!

Day Two

Listening to the waves pacify me to sleep. I needed that because I was extremely disturbed. Woke up at 4am, like I had a mission or a job... Not this week. Think positive. Life and its mistress accompanied with her tote full of issues are sure to be there when you return. We went to Wal Mart last night we stalked up on things we could think of. I had no appetite for anything. I was truly uprooted in thought. Beautiful morning, music and waves, only one thing could improve this moment. Well, my crew is here. Uno.

Big super chillin, everybody just take it easy. That Hump - Erykah Badu and NCIS. I have a headache. Waiting for it to die down.

OMG, I got body slammed by so many waves. The water was like someone pouring salt down down my throat. My body is pummeled and tired. We are all showered, bathing suit and hair, washed out. Today was nice, now just chillin n missin something.

Day Three

Woke up to Daylight Wasting time. We went to bed at 8 something. Beaten and brutalized. Hitting another beach today. Right now just chillin. Had a great burger with pineapple the cashier was from Oakland. Who woulda thought?

Day Four

We went to breakfast and it was hekkkkkkka good. It started raining hard. I had French toast that didnt even need syrup..Then Mom rants about tip. Now we taking a boat trip down this river. Beautiful forest, awesome flowers. All the while, its sprinkling, and yes, I forgot my camera. So those pictures are coming from Bre’s camera today. Mom and Dad have a date today, so Mom is all anxious, and “gota go get cleant up”. I wanted to go to Costco. Back at the room, super chillin WWE Raw, NCIS, and Football. No food no drinkin. I stayed up past 11pm! Yes you should acknowledge that as an accomplishment to be praised.

Day Five

I woke up at 630, not 3am. So there!!!!
We suppposed to hit ATVs today. I want to see the Jurassic park place.. I saw that place and it was so beautiful almost wanted to see something crawl out from the bushes. Kimo and Randon, yes. It was very fun, hitting those puddles. Yes it was raining off and on. The guy in front of me was an Inforcer. He killed it. We got extremely dirty and wet. Blasted the heater on mway back home. Went back and got clean. I was the same color as the dirt. Took 2 showers. Family went to eat, my headache was back, they brought me a bomb-digggity-fresh steak burrito. Passed out.

Day Six

Lounged around, very relaxing. Mom and Cam went shopping. Duke’s again, this time wasnt good. Except the Hula Pie...

...Then went to Macys. Pouring down rain, and guess what no umbrella, no cover. Me, Bre and Cam hop in car and just drive. This island is beautiful, we stop at this beach and took photos, it was wonderful. That was definitely a highlight of the trip. - UNO

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

2 days

I'm gon finish today. I'm gon dump everythn in thr and zip it up. Packing makes me anxious. Anxiety is 4 the birds (lol)So tomorrow all I gota go is....bite my nails wit anticipation (so 2 speak) and be excited. I want Angelou's b4 I leave. Hitting up Target 1 mo'gin....yaye yay

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Get Back.

Back to square one. Start over from the middle...The Eagles $200. 27-10.
Hawaii in 3 days. Never been packed. Just made a year. Just waiting for the time pass and scene. Playn Madden. Shutup Ju.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Beginning. Middle. End. Facts. Details. Condense. Plot. Tell it.

Friday, October 16, 2009


Man I feel bad for leaving work early. That moment where all these impatient yet silly faces are piercing your clothes. They wonder what I am doing? I wonder the same. HOW can they be so clueless? It was too much, the moment was heavy. Weighing on my struggling frame and mind. But I'll be back tomorrow. Take two, and try again..
Need to rest up. Countdown to Hawaii. Thats right 14 days. Let the commencement commence. Chill in bed, listen to music.. Catch up on House and The Office. As long as Pam and Jim stay together, I can support that show. Go Mr. Novak!
A wonderful end to a scary/emotional week. The thought of losing something important can wake you up. Funny how emotions overtake some, and only slightly effect other. Or is this a facade? Emotions can bring out the horrible, moldy, infectious monster out of us all. With good reason granted. Greatful for what I still "have", although limited.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Of a good thing...

Shouldnt have to go without. Somethings dont feel the same without you. When we are apart, I yearn for you. Wish for you. Think of You. Where are you? Will you be there, where we parted? Will our relationship change? Like rain amongst river, will we connect once more? Or will our affair be a struggle until I re-capture you, seduce you, manipulate you, too many times to number. We are close, so let nothing pry us apart for too long. Bittersweet is our connection, too close and we become one. I give myself to you. Sleep eternal.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


is Julian so bitter?
are fat people the 1st to need a pat down?
does Matt always smell?

These are the questions....

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

For just $5 more...

Nothing is free. Work for everything, especially if its worth something. If you mean something to me, im going to show you. 
Problems arent serious until its your problem. No one cares unless its parked in front of their house. Then its an eyesore and threatens the facade of safety, that we hold so dear.
Living in my own world. If im not looking at you, I cant remember your name. I know your important, but I have problems keeping my focus or is it my priorities?
Where's Ajia? 
Can I buy some of your time?  

Saturday, January 17, 2009

You act like....

New job, acquaintances, regulations, people and conflicts to avoid. All things new, but constant in my former thoughts. 
Fill out a form to bury your problems. The system is built for failure and paperwork gets "lost" amongst the confusion. Massive chaos masked with the staunch "Yes sir, I can take of that for you(attitude)." Torn between customer service and perfecting procedure. Constantly distracted by blue stripes, red and white.
Blue light + White sheets= Blue Sheets, eyes closed.  Headstrong, but proud of my reasons. Strong mind and sense is way better than no will power. Not perfect. Know what I want though.
like........"im the finest guy you ever seen." 
Star wars and Gaston.