Friday, October 16, 2009


Man I feel bad for leaving work early. That moment where all these impatient yet silly faces are piercing your clothes. They wonder what I am doing? I wonder the same. HOW can they be so clueless? It was too much, the moment was heavy. Weighing on my struggling frame and mind. But I'll be back tomorrow. Take two, and try again..
Need to rest up. Countdown to Hawaii. Thats right 14 days. Let the commencement commence. Chill in bed, listen to music.. Catch up on House and The Office. As long as Pam and Jim stay together, I can support that show. Go Mr. Novak!
A wonderful end to a scary/emotional week. The thought of losing something important can wake you up. Funny how emotions overtake some, and only slightly effect other. Or is this a facade? Emotions can bring out the horrible, moldy, infectious monster out of us all. With good reason granted. Greatful for what I still "have", although limited.

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