Saturday, January 22, 2011

Note to Self

Natural hair, bare nails, home grown eyelashes, present yourself blind to the world's vanity. Blind to the media's promotion of the best and baddest, highest and newest. Beauty is just being happy you. A few add-ons or extentions, sure why not, but always believe (and remind yourself) tht you are complete without them. So when you feel that you need them, it is time to remove it all, go bare. Remember that you are just fine without the add-ins and cover-ups. True beauty is confidence and contentment within yourself. But if you add-on, be sure it for you.  The best add-on is good health.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Light Bulb

Ive learned...
To change my perception and point of view. What annoyed me before turned out the best thing for me. Gave it a chance, and realized, it was not so bad.

Ive learned...
Do not hold on to people that don't want to stay. Do not wear yourself thin with worry. Stress only brings pain.

Ive learned...
What I thought would be hard to be without, I cannot wait to severe all ties with. Never have Hate in my heart again. I must work on forgiveness. Hate is a strong word, strong feeling, dangerous feeling. Forgive, to be freed. Forgive to move forward. No Grudge. Cut it lose.. and walk.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Real Quick

Unexpected nice day. Let the dark clouds drift past, not the type of day to dwell on. Rinse the day away in a bubble bath. Good thoughts...Man is in the wind. Good motives and positive intentions come and go. Show face but fail to be made manifest. Yes, I seee right throught you! Show me you are here mind and body. Mind, because is so readily available. My summer starts March 24th.. :-)
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Monday, January 10, 2011

Nail Update - I luv O.P.I.

Sup Chickees!
Just another quick check-in.. I fell in love again ladies..
I went to my girl's shop (Get Dolled Up)
While looking around I found two colors. Both O.P.I.
Ogre-the-Top Blue and another color I actually have no words for. It like a shimmering purple-ish pink.
But it has every color in rainbow..Imposssible? I thought so.. but it has crushed Diamonds in it!
Hello!!!! Love it!
I fell for it as soon as I saw it. 
In the sunlight, you will be mesmerized. I caught myself staring at my nail while in a sun ray many times.
Bottom line the color is beautiful. I hope the picture capture the shine...
I also got 2 new Konad colors.. I bought metallics. Gold(my fav) and silver.
I have not used them yet, for I am still loving my divine shimmer.
I used a purple (Parlez-vous OPI?) that I had buried in my nail color drawer. When I put it on, I thought to myself... Where was this at! lol 
Shimmer Love
Ogre-the-Top and (not new) Parlez-vous OPI?
Konad: Gold & Silver
O.P.I.:Parlez-vous OPI?
DS- Diamond Collection

Anyway, yours and Nails truly
Later ladies.