Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nail Update..Konad Designs

Real quick, decided to buy another Konad plate. Here a few designs using Konad products. I mean to buy more Konad colors, then I can vary in more designs..
 Zebra, Polka Dot, and Cheetah print.

Double heart

 Be back next time!

Friday, December 24, 2010

What's My Name - Rihanna ft. Drake

I like this song and video minus the hair and stockings haha....and I just found out Drake was tall...big smile

Nail Update/ Yumm Session

 Okay I have been on a mini journey, especially with my nails. 
So Abbey and I were thinking Long glorious nails. I did this look before, but I had to give it another try. I am sure I'll be back. So I went and got extra long nails (they were actually too long). 
But I added gold rings. I really liked it. ok.. i loved it. 
One thing bothered me, the manicurist got distracted, I had a lump in 2 of my nails.  That really got to me, DEEP!!! But other than that, I enjoyed the long-round look. They were bright red-orange. Sadly, I lost 2 of the gold rings. So I took the remaining rings off and hacked the nails off myself. I couldn't walk around with huge holes in my nails....right? I chopped off the nails and painted them royal blue. No picture for that one. They were not cool haha. So finally, I visited a nail shop. 
Short and Square, like me. 
But, this leaks into the Yumm Session. I was at 2nd home, and I found this nail color by Sally Hansen- Complete Salon Manicure, 560 Kook-a-Mango. I love this color, reminds me of summer. 
I yearn for summer. 
Here are some pictures!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Night to Day

time and the peace of my night.. slipping away
yearning and wanting sleep, although it wont allow my firm grip
im wishing for the absence of thoughts
absence of stress
turn the volume in your brain down, Age
static in my mind too thick
remnants of the day running plays
calm down
Don't think
take the brain out and cool it down, on overload right now.
replaying the day? replaying the argument?
Mind suffering from shock, disbelief, and pinch of anger
mind stuck in the hardest place
nothing to soothe it but... you
need to embrace me and cool down
sit back and take care of.. me