Monday, July 14, 2008


Family on a Sunday, watching a movie. 

Grams hates cartoons. Bbq on the grill and....squash. Skirt Steak and Koa wood.

Surf's up and cookie, leads to the first battle of many??? 

Nevertheless...You win! You win young Fella, you win!. and the crowd goes wild. Victory by any means necessary. 

That was quite a jolt, Freak!

Right foot - Screw Left foot - You

Falls into Monday, huge commencement reminiscing on commencement of the past week. Movies and fights gone bad....good bad. Eat that salad Cesar.

Young Ladies turned rodents prance down the street. We could all be great...but some sadly, some go down the hoes highway, never to return. 

Thursday, July 10, 2008

inside my safe place

Square, advance despite all influence. Slay all who through actions prove to be defeatists.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Good Bye

Nice seein ya Burt.


The unkempt and "I dont care so I'll just throw this on" look is not for everyday. I do not like want to see your underwear. Especially is your hot undies are bigger and baggier than the acid washed, custom-soiled skinny jeans. 
and Mrs. Yuck-nasty should know better. It will never be HOT enough for you to wear that. I mean, aren't you tired of your thighs rubbing together you unsuccessful professional snuffleumpekis?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


"Mandable" Tasha Vandable. 
Red bone, freckled, the jaw-bone like a T-Rex, unpleasant, overbearing, unnerving.
Sole reason we could not enjoy the cruise. Sole reason I terminated my loyal attendance of the Seafood Festival (didn't eat anyway).
Im at war with her and what she represents. She is real ladies and gentlemen. 
She is the friend of the relative you adore. But you gotta bail when she comes around. 
She ruins the funny family moments. 
She makes a hot day, almost unbearable. 
She makes you wonder why you left the house, as she speaks to you (out of SPITE) in front of everyone.
Makes you want to DUMP her purse and throw all the "Senior Peppermints" at her!!!!!
Set Sail Tasha
Gudlawdamercy, Im venting...