Tuesday, July 1, 2008


"Mandable" Tasha Vandable. 
Red bone, freckled, the jaw-bone like a T-Rex, unpleasant, overbearing, unnerving.
Sole reason we could not enjoy the cruise. Sole reason I terminated my loyal attendance of the Seafood Festival (didn't eat anyway).
Im at war with her and what she represents. She is real ladies and gentlemen. 
She is the friend of the relative you adore. But you gotta bail when she comes around. 
She ruins the funny family moments. 
She makes a hot day, almost unbearable. 
She makes you wonder why you left the house, as she speaks to you (out of SPITE) in front of everyone.
Makes you want to DUMP her purse and throw all the "Senior Peppermints" at her!!!!!
Set Sail Tasha
Gudlawdamercy, Im venting...

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