Friday, December 24, 2010

Nail Update/ Yumm Session

 Okay I have been on a mini journey, especially with my nails. 
So Abbey and I were thinking Long glorious nails. I did this look before, but I had to give it another try. I am sure I'll be back. So I went and got extra long nails (they were actually too long). 
But I added gold rings. I really liked it. ok.. i loved it. 
One thing bothered me, the manicurist got distracted, I had a lump in 2 of my nails.  That really got to me, DEEP!!! But other than that, I enjoyed the long-round look. They were bright red-orange. Sadly, I lost 2 of the gold rings. So I took the remaining rings off and hacked the nails off myself. I couldn't walk around with huge holes in my nails....right? I chopped off the nails and painted them royal blue. No picture for that one. They were not cool haha. So finally, I visited a nail shop. 
Short and Square, like me. 
But, this leaks into the Yumm Session. I was at 2nd home, and I found this nail color by Sally Hansen- Complete Salon Manicure, 560 Kook-a-Mango. I love this color, reminds me of summer. 
I yearn for summer. 
Here are some pictures!


Abbie said...

That color is HOT. I want to go shopping...

Age.Beige said...

we should goooooo..plz