Monday, January 10, 2011

Nail Update - I luv O.P.I.

Sup Chickees!
Just another quick check-in.. I fell in love again ladies..
I went to my girl's shop (Get Dolled Up)
While looking around I found two colors. Both O.P.I.
Ogre-the-Top Blue and another color I actually have no words for. It like a shimmering purple-ish pink.
But it has every color in rainbow..Imposssible? I thought so.. but it has crushed Diamonds in it!
Hello!!!! Love it!
I fell for it as soon as I saw it. 
In the sunlight, you will be mesmerized. I caught myself staring at my nail while in a sun ray many times.
Bottom line the color is beautiful. I hope the picture capture the shine...
I also got 2 new Konad colors.. I bought metallics. Gold(my fav) and silver.
I have not used them yet, for I am still loving my divine shimmer.
I used a purple (Parlez-vous OPI?) that I had buried in my nail color drawer. When I put it on, I thought to myself... Where was this at! lol 
Shimmer Love
Ogre-the-Top and (not new) Parlez-vous OPI?
Konad: Gold & Silver
O.P.I.:Parlez-vous OPI?
DS- Diamond Collection

Anyway, yours and Nails truly
Later ladies.

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Abbie said...

LOL, omg beige, that IS you in a bottle...loves it ;)