Tuesday, March 16, 2010


My second good morning. 
Yay i get to have coffee, only because I don't work today. My "weekends" are so precious to me. Its my only chance at a normal schedule. Its my best effort but I still end up a vegetable around 830. I can really function, even with a nap. I am just now recovering from Sunday.
Saturday was the beginning of Day Light Savings, so I lost a much needed hour of LIFE.
Just like that. 
So Sunday morning, starting at 3am (really 2am) I drag myself to work. 
Biggest mistake of the day was skipping my Sunday nap. In the afternoon, hit the neighborhood for a walk. Then off to dinner in Corte Madera. The Cheesecake Factory was hideously crowded. Deb, knew a girl who worked there but it didn't really help getting a table. But definitely A for Effort. Dinner is torture, my eyes are weights. My eyelids are obese and out of shape. 16 hours and counting. I start to think about work, which starts in only a few hours. My mom suggests that I leave the party and go sleep in car. That offer doesn't appeal to me. I never sleep in the car, you have to re-group and ge comfortable All Over Again. I hate that.
My family said I was sleep before dinner. I believe them now, I don't remember much about dinner, it was all a blur.. There were highlights. But all in all, Nothing.

On the other hand, Swivel LIPS!
I love u Deb and Stu, you guys are just as bad as us... Deb is worse...
These pictures are Pre-Dinner.

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