Thursday, November 4, 2010

Konad Nail Design

Stopped by Ranch 99 in El Cerrito, Ca. Inside we almost passed up a little spot called Get Dolled Up. This boutique was a host for brands like O.P.I., N.Y.C., and others. I was directed to a wonderful find.

Konad Nail Designs and inside the kit:
2 nail polishes (black and white)
3 image plates
1 stamp
1 scraper

I had a brief demo of the product and was immediately hooked. My partners in crime knew that I would be interested. I was beyond interested. From that point on, I considered my Konad purchase to be an "investment." =) Consider it purchased. Came home, tried it immediately...
This is my official farewell to nail shop designs. The ride has been fun, bumpy and exciting! Im posting pix of my first Konad round...

Konad Nail Art 
Get Dolled Up


Abbie said...

Loves the nails! We want more....

Sew Inspired said...

Miss Asisa,

I love it! I'm gonna go pick one of those packages up!! I want to do a post on it to!

Age.Beige said...

you should becky.. its addicting though..beware