Monday, August 18, 2008


The recent weeks have been very memorable. trying. hardcore.  
Ups and Downs. Lost my mind on 42nd St.  
With the coming and passing of July and August, I suddenly feel old. Need to relax.
 But too young to stop or slow. 
I officially hate/love Shrek 3 and Transformers. 
Blue and Yellow.
 Tapout and UFC. 
You cant continue to blame your appearance of ashiness on powder. Some problems are exclusively, yours. There is a distinct difference, especially between your pointing finger and thumb. Everything is black. 
Can you smell the darkness taking over? 
So much to do, and not enough money to buy the time. 

Stalkers and women who have known nothing aside from confrontation and violence.
 Childish games and the pursuit of further drama. 
The reconciliation of old and still older acquaintances. 
The effort put forth to show others whats really important. But what really matters? Is it the one you claim to be so important? Or just the way you feel knowing you can have an effect on the next person (be it negative or positive)? 
August is almost over. Hopefully the problems and pressures of dusty August will go with it. Keep your family and real friends, don't worry about everyone else. Don't let drama come between family.
Time passes everyone up.
Go listen to the new Nas album.

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